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I've always enjoyed the songs of yours I've heard. Thanks!
I've listened to the OMDD since my highschool years, way back when! I have had a very hard time getting your song, Spaceship Orion out of my head and find myself singing it on a regular basis to myself and began to wonder about the lyrics and their meaning, the feelings behind the song and found this site and thought maybe I could get a better understanding of the song itself if I gave this a shot! Could you help me out in this endeavor? I've loved so many of your groups songs over the years but this one seems to standout. Whenever I hear it seems to transport me back to a time I first heard it and a memory of a dear friend from that time that is no longer living and the song has become a very special heart tugging example to me! Thanks for sharing your God Given talent with me over the years! God Bless!
Larry, Big fan of OMD and especially your songs since the early 70s. Probably been to 15 concerts from Champaign, IL to Wildwood Springs Lodge and in between. This concert was at The Grainery in Lebanon, IL and me and a buddy were the last two in the door before it sold out. We could barely move around let alone find a good vantage point so while squeezing up to the bar for a beer, I spotted two large garbage cans behind the bar. I asked the bartender if he minded if me and my buddy straddled those cans and watched the concert from there. It was a bit above the wall to wall crowd and he said, "If you don't mind me banging empty beer cans off your ankles all night go ahead." So we climbed up and got balanced on the rims of these two side by side garbage cans and watched the show. The great news was we never had to wait in line for beers and were able to see over the top of the crowd all night. Whenever I run into my buddy, one of us will say, "You remember that night...." and we just laugh like it was yesterday. Thanks for all the great music and great memories! Rob Wielt
Hi Larry, Just to let you know that you´re the voice that truly represents The Ozark Mountain Daredevils once and forever! Heavenly talent. God bless!
Loved your music from the beginning, started following O MD. Back 74 75. Being a country boy from Ohio. Really liked your band Beyond Reach, wish you guys were not hanging it up, never got to see you in concert, hope to meet you randal and David some day.Godspeed and keep praying. Tom
Miss the music of Granny's
Hey Larry, how are ya today? I am a singer/songwriter/recording artist dude from the Mid-Atlantic. Been a huge OMD fan since the get go, and mostly a fan of your work within the band and beyond. My Springfield MO friend Bill Hewitt just ran into you at a birthday party last Friday (I believe you performed at) Anyway, just wanted to reach out with this brief, uplifting email; thanking you for your songs/music!! . You can check me out at www.notlaw.com or on ITunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc..
Cousin - I can't tell you how many times in my life I've been walking around the grocery store and suddenly realize I'm listening to "Jackie Blue." It's ageless. And it sounds like you are too. I'm enjoying your "lost songs." Come perform in Arizona!
Hey Larry -- just wanted to say how pleased I am to find your site. I've been revisiting some things from my earlier years and one of those things was the OMDD. You guys left an indelible mark in my soul and we sang your songs around the fire for years. I first heard you all in the summer of 1975 on a trip from western Kansas to Ithaca, NY, where I spent the summer at a hippie commune and got plugged into Mother Earth. Ended up in the Ozarks, got my BA from SMSU, etc., etc. Love the DD, love your new music -- hope to catch you live soon -- all best wishes!
Have enjoyed your music for many years. Your song "You Know Like I Know" is a real masterpiece! Thanks for that and all that you've done. Take Care. Gary
I heard JACKIE BLUE this evening on my radio and decided to find out the story behind it. You are quite the artist. That song really made my day and finding your life story here on this page (or some of it) made my heart happy. Larry Lee~ thank you. Thank you for the wonderful music. God bless. Be well.
I love the song Mr. Powell. I also love Jackie Blue. I knew a young woman like Jackie; heartbreak. When I researched the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, I found that most of the songs I liked the best were written by you (some written collaboratively). I teach and when students tell me that they like my class it a lot to me. I thought I'd tell you how much I like your music.
I heard today, for the first time, 'As He Walks The Mile' sung by Teresa Spain. What a wonderful song. Thank you for writing it so many years ago as it still touches like a song should.
Love these old songs. Are you considering making them available for purchase through this website? Thanks for so many awesome songs through the years. Sorry to hear that Beyond Reach has run it's course so to speak. I hope that you will continue to write and record new material. :-)
Just wanted to say your vocal on Jackie Blue is one of my favorite from the era. It is beautiful and haunting. I guess it goes to show that oversinging is not the answer. It’s beauty is reminiscent of Karen Carpenters economical approach. Well done.
Larry Thanks for making the trip north last week. Everyone enjoyed the evening. I had many great comments on the music of Beyond Reach and all enjoyed the older OMD songs. Looking forward to hearing you guys again in 2018.
So enjoyed seeing you at the Deck Party in Mountain Grove. Loved the newer music and hope to see Beyond Reach again soon. Thanks for a lovely evening
As a younger person, I listened to OMDD. My older sister and her boyfriend (later her husband) played it a lot, and I think we must have had the 8 track tape at home (an 8 track tape!). I recently ordered several of the CDs, and I'm enjoying them greatly!!! I can appreciate the lyrics so much more, and I can't believe how many of these songs I know and still love. The eclectic (sp?) mix of voices and instrumentals are fantastic. I have to say, though, that I am partial to your clear, smooth voice, and creative, sometimes emotional, fun, meaningful (the list goes on) lyrics. I hope you feel good about giving so many people such an uplift and joy that can be found in your music. Do you perform in the Midwest...I'll have to check out your music menu. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talents.
Larry. I saw you Saturday August 12, at the Focal Point, in St. Louis. The first time I heard your voice on a ‘Daredevils” album I was hooked. With every new release I’d listen to your songs first. In 1982 when you put out “Marooned” I had my favorite album. Never in my life did I think I’d ever hear you perform live, much less talk to you. When you sang “You Know Like I know” it was as if someone said “The boys are going to take a break and we’re going to play “You know Like I Know” from the 1976 album release” Your voice hasn’t changed, every note was exact, and every high was hit, it was amazing. The harmonies with you, Randle, and David, were perfect. The opening notes of your keyboard set the stage, and what followed was magic. Hope to see you again. And thanks for continuing to play…..But more than that thanks for being so nice.
Big fan of yours Larry. In case people aren't quite sure what a music producer does, he or she makes sure everybody in a band doesn't get drowned out by a band member who tends to want to hog the spotlight ( well, that's part of it anyway ).. That's why it's so hard for bands to produce themselves, someone has to be the meanie in order to make sure everybody gets roughly equal playing and singing time. I hope you didn't get too much hate as a producer.
Larry, You simply must release the lost songs on cd for us! sure would be nice to be driving down the highway listining to this music. any chance? thanks, Billy Allen
Larry - Great to explore your website and find out what's going on. Just saw you on Ozark Live! for tomorrow's concert in Springfield. Have been a fan since I went to college at SMSU in the '70s. Glad Randle and you created "Beyond Reach". OMD was fun, but the new music is soulful, beautiful and a great progression from the "fun stuff" that the OMD. I was one of the "original Nearly Famous Deli" gals hired by Suze and Chuck. It was always a delight to serve you guys when you came through town. Now that I'm back in Missouri after living in NY, CT & AZ, hope to hear more new music from Randle and you! We always come back home, don't we? :) Keep up the great tunes!
Just listening to Granny's Bathwater, thank you. Does anyone remember the name of that farm between Joplin and Springfield where they used to play?
Originally from Helena Montana, my first concert experience was the Ozark Mountain Daredevils at our local Civic Center back in the mid 1970s.. I was in the 5th grade at the time, and have been a fan since one of my older brothers brought home The Quilt Album upon it's release. Larry and Randle were always my OMD hero's.. :) (my "I'm Not A Robot" prompt to post this comment was to identify images containing cars, I was looking for the one of the car flying over the lake.. :)
I've just been thinking a lot about you guys and listening to some of the good ol' 70's. I hope everyone is doing well. God bless! Bill
Long-time British fan of OMD but especially of the songs that you composed and your singing.
Hi Larry, Any chance of releasing the old and lossless songs? There are some great ones that need to be heard by the masses. I hope you do release these gems to the public.
March 1976 - Old Grey Whistle Test.... Hi Larry, I just came across the video of that performance. Shepherds Bush meets the sound of America. Fun performance. Must have been enjoyable performing such a raft of good songs here in the UK. Sure wish we could you and Randle over here to do some Beyond Reach tunes. I hope all is well on the Finley! My best wishes, Mike
I have been a big fan for years, met you several times, such a fan of your stuff. Hope to see you and Randle around Springfield at a Beyond reach show this 2017 year. That being said, I am a MAJOR Everly Brothers fan, especially loved 1984 and Born yesterday albums. These Shoes has been on top ten of my favorite Everly's since the mid 80's.... I saw the song credits in past, but NEVER put it together that that was the same Larry Lee ( there are a couple different famous ones you know ) , I was reading some of your old posts on your website and today my MIND IS BLOWN. You wrote These shoes....how awesome, 2 of my favorites ( song and songwriters ) one in the same, I can't believe I never knew that, that made my day dude !!!!! You need to sing that at your shows around town, a quiet stripped down version , you and Randle and Mr Wilson, you could do a great version of it. Did you meet the Everly's ? Best wishes see you at a show hopefully soon.
Thank you so much for this amazing blog and bio. I grew up with the music of OMD and have been a fan what seems like forever. Thank you for your service, and Thank you for your music. My Mother always told me that music is a gift that makes you smile...the kind of smile that starts in your soul and stays with you forever. God Bless.
You never write? You never call? Gheeze
Revisiting your site..Love all the additions ! Thanks for all the Great music throughout the years.
Thanks for taking me out on the road when Supe was staying home expecting a new baby. It was a shock to be playing at Ramons with Benny one night and opening for Fleetwood Mac the next night with OMD. Hope you got the version of "As He Walks The Mile" Teresa did back in the 60"s. Your songs are timeless and its very cool to hear these tracks now.
I've played gigs around Joplin for years.One night, way back in the early 80s, my friend Larry Carsten and I played "Spaceship Orion" and a couple of other Daredevils songs. A very attractive girl and rather quiet husband came up out of the ether. She told us they were from out of town but what an honor it was to meet us. That was high praise but....whatever. They were there the whole night long, digging it from the front row. When they did decide to leave but she came up and hugged me. It was then that I realized she thought she had met you! (As if you'd be playing some $50 tip plus free beers in Joplin, Mo.) but, really, I didn't have the heart to tell her anything different. I wonder if she still thinks that. I kind of hope so.
Love you Larry...
Hello Larry, I was reading something or other and OMD came to mind. I searched your name and was glad to find your site. In addition to being a huge OMD fan in the late 1970's/early 80's at Univ of WI Lacrosse (no party was complete without If you Wanna Get to Heaven, Chicken Train, and more. I also taught US History for 4 years, and used Mr. Powell as a teaching tool to get my students interested in the subject. I recently made a playlist of my favorite 100 songs of my life (Ok, it's up to 115), and Mr. Powell is included. Your songs were always my favorites on the OMD albums. I'll make sure to check out "Marooned" as I'm afraid I didn't know it existed, and will download it. Lastly, I see you produced several albums for our friend Hugo Duarte. I fell in love with Trop Rock music, and after hearing Hugo play in Key West, we hired him to play for our local Parrothead group in Milwaukee, which I founded in 2000. We miss him a lot. Anyway Larry, just thought I'd reach out and say hello. Thank you for all the great, great memories and music, and I hope you are enjoying a great retirement. Take care, Paul
I am taken by words and the way you write. Can you tell me in the song Spaceship Orion, the thought process behind the words "exactly different"..from the line "In a world exactly different from the one you leave behind".
As a child of the 70's your voice has been part of the soundtrack of my life. Thanks for that...
Thanks a bunch for signing my " Car Over The Lake" album cover Larry! All the best from a life long fan.
Hi Larry Just thought I'd drop by ans say hello. My favorite songs by "The Ozark Mountain Daredevils" are, "If You Wanna Get To Heaven", and of course, "Jackie Blue." That song is the best!!! I do have a question for you. Are you the Larry Lee who co-wrote"Fourteen Carat Mind" with Dallas Frazier? If So, I want to tell you that that is one of my favorite country songs, and that Gene Watson was perfect for that song. Keep up the awesome work ;)
Huge fan, my entire family. Keep up the great work.
Great to hear your doing well..Jackie Blue.. One of my all time favorites..kjh
Hi Larry, Wanted to say hi. Regards, John McHugh
Larry Michael, From childhood friendship to what we have become. What a ride! Curt Hargis
Love the "lost songs" Larry. The web site looks great too!
Re; lossless codecs, check out MQA just released from Meridian Audio from the U.K. This is the same engineering group that developed Meridian Lossless packing, as is used on every Blu-Ray disc today. https://www.meridian-audio.com/news-events/meridian-audio-launches-mqa-master-quality-authenticated/
Loved the Jon R. Cry of the wild song, Larry! Let me know the next time you travel to Nashville, would love to see you...
Hi Larry, and thanks for the music! -just another fan from SW Missouri
Hey Mike ! It's Whitney! I just came across your website! It's been so long! How are u?? How's kashi ? It's been years since I've seen any of u! Hope all is well ! Love, Whitney
Good to see the new site Larry, and the new old music. Super web page design too........
Dear Larry, Being a proud Missouri native I want to endorse the future possibility of my favourite band (Ozark Mountian Daredevils) to be inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! It's possible. Hurrah!
Hey Larry last time I ran into I ask if you were going to play any shows? your come back was no you have had enough riding in vans to do shows,I really meant your group beyond reach meaning locally! that time we were at the old Vickers gas station(by the way after we talked you left so I jumped in my car and started to pull away only problem was I had not remove the nozzle from my gas tank) had to look around to see if any one had noticed that thank goodness only the gas attendant saw it. prior to that I ran into you at springfield airport which you may or may not remember( mr daredevil) I worked there! Do you ever play around our home town? really enjoy your music and would sure take it in if you have anything coming up! mostly I wanted to tell about the incident at Vickers! its always fun to talk to you and by the way that day at Vickers I ask you about playing with buffett anyway enough said, If you and randle play around town would love to find out in advance so I could attend. larry your a cool guy and have admired your work for 41 years! let you go for now thanks for ready this I always found humor in talking with you take care.....Tom G.
Did the unreleased A&M solo album have a title? Yes, I'm obsessed with wanting to hear it! Great story about it in Tales & Notions.
How did MAROONED get different cover art on CD compared to the original vinyl release? Rob, A few years after my record was released, Sony Music in Japan bought Colombia Records (which then became CBS/Sony Records). Sony Music Japan made the decision about changing the cover. I was told after the fact that the artist whose work was used for the new cover was a very popular "pop art" illustrator in Japan at the time. I thought it was an interesting cover, though I didn't quite understand why initially they changed the records title to "Lonely Freeway". I think sometime later they changed the title back to Marooned again. I know a lot has been written over the years about how the corporate "music business" screws over artist. Add me to that list. Sony Music Japan has for almost 30 years now continued to release and sell Marooned world wide ( look at Amazon ), especially in Japan and the whole of the far east. During this extended time I've never once been sent a royalty statement or any other accounting of sales. Over the years I've tried several different avenues in order to contact Sony Music Japan to let them know I'm still here. But I've not gotten one reply or inquiry from them via the Internet. I mean in this day and age, how hard could it be to find me if someone wanted to? You were able to contact me.... Back in the early nineties when CD's were just starting to become popular, I was told by a friend that Marooned was available on CD in Japan. I ended up special ordering it through Tower Records in Nashville and it cost me over $30. Something is wrong when I don't get paid for my work, and it's twice as painful when I have to pay for a copy of my own album. lml
Hi Larry, I saw you guys play at Canada Jam 1978, it was a great show! I know it was recorded on VHS so do you know where I could find the footage? Thanks I love your music :-)
Hi Larry...been a fan of the yours and the OMD's forever. Spaceship Orion is my fav, but was wondering the same thing as an earlier post, thought it said "It can feel like home",..instead all the posted lyrics say "It can't feel like home"..just wondering...good day. Kenny, (and Tom) Usually I really don't want to explain a song's lyric to anyone because I'd like him or her to believe the song is about what they think it is. I'll make an exception here since others have asked the same question. In the early 1970's I was, and still very much am now, concerned about the environment and what we humans are doing to our little planet. This song was written to voice those concerns. It wasn't mean to be a "positive" song, it was meant to convey a warning that even IF we were one day able to migrate off to some other planet, "it can't feel like home, it won't be like home to you there". To me, unfortunately that songs true meaning is only more relevant after forty years. I haven't seen it yet, but I understand that the new movie "Interstellar" kind of follows the story line of the earth becoming uninhabitable and good old NASA shoots a team of researchers off across the galaxy to look for a new home for mankind. Sounds a bit like my song. Another weird coincident involving this songs title, NASA's next generation manned spacecraft that is intended to send humans to deep space destinations such as asteroids and eventually Mars. It's name, Orion. http://vimeo.com/108650530 lml
I absolutely love your maroned album. How was it to work with rick danko?
Hi Larry, I have been a big fan of yours since the Quilt Album( fav being spaceship Orion) I noticed that Janet Lee sang back-up vocal's on that album. Is she related? Janet was my wife. All the girls singing on that album were married to band members.
Hi Larry ! You are such a talent.You sing in Younger Years just like you did in the 70's. awesome voice. spaceship orion is still my favorite.
Hi Larry! I was perusing your website and the comments here. I was wondering about a post made in 2010 from a Jackie Miles, asking if you were interested in purchasing a CD of (the late) Dan Fogelberg, as it had autographs on it. Did you end up buying it? No I did not. lml
Hi Larry the great!!!I saw you guys back in 76 or so and what a show!!! Just out of curiosity where you a part of Larry Lee &The;Leasures in the 60s? Bob, no I was not a part of the Leasures.
Love your work, sir. Always the best to you--your music has brought me much pleasure over the years.
I still get a lump in my throat every time I listen to "It's How You Think". I'm going to see OMD October 4th in Effingham Illinois. I'm sure to enjoy it a bunch, but not near as much as I would if you were there. Your voice is like fine wine.
I knew your voice from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Your voice is hauntingly beautiful and my favorite of all time. I especially love the song Mr.Powell.
Larry...Love the new Beyond Reach CD...it's in my car CD Player and listen to it all the time. Also had some of the old OMD CDs out and was listening to DONT LOOK DOWN. Was wondering if you could tell me who was singing the lead on CRAZY LOVIN? Was wondering if they ever considered you for the lead on that song? I think it would have been a classic if you had..Just my opinion. Thanks Mike
Mr.Powell is a beautiful song I like so much that I did the research and bought the book about the story of the war hero and extraordinary man depicted in the song,so incredible.
Awesome singing voice,a true daredevil,Thank you for sharing your work!
I absolutely love Spaceship Orion. It's such a beautiful song. But can you please clarify some lyrics? I always thought it was "It CAN be like home" "It CAN feel like home". All of the posted lyrics say "can't" and to me that seems to go against the hope in the song that we will move on to another beautiful place. Who is right? Also, have to say thanks so much for all your wonderful music. Tom
Larry, as you probably know, judging by all of the comments, your voice is amazing, I love it and can't get enough! I lived in Singapore back in the 80's. 'Don't Look Down' was my first album- I bought it in a bargain bin. My ears picked up on 'Giving it all to the wind'...and I have been an obsessive ever since. I have recently just bought vinyl copies of all the OMD albums...ironically I just need to get 'Don't Look Down' again. Much love from Brisbane, Australia. :)
I cannot get over how BEAUTIFUL your song "I Wish I Knew You" is. Thanks for the music! Your work is simply wonderful!
Hello! Although a lifetime ago, I recently shared one of my favorite songs ever on Facebook, Jackie Blue. I just love that youtube video! I was only in grade school at the time it came out, but I loved it and I still do! You were my grade school crush, super cute. I am glad you are doing well! :)
Tonight I shared one of my favorite songs on my Facebook page, Jackie Blue. It was long ago I know but I still love it! I was in 3rd grade with a huge crush on you! :) Glad you are well!
Your song,Spaceship Orion, was a salvation for me in 1975-1976. Your vocals in this song are so hauntingly beautiful. Gives me tears in my eyes. It will always be a special song to my heart. ------ Thank you Julia. I did receive you PM and will write you back soon. lml
Gracias por tus cuatro canciones nuevas en Beyond Reach. Mas de treinta años haciendome la vida agradable...GRACIAS Spain
Larry, Listening to Vinyl Kings and Twigs. Thanks for the great music.
Hey Larry, it's with great pleasure that I discovered your website. I hope you're doing well. I'll never forget those wonderful days at your home watching Buster Keaton movies and having Tortilla chips. Very best regards, Hans (Disney studios, Paris France 1997) Hans, So nice to hear from you after all these years. You still working in the studio at Euro Disney? Enjoyed working with you there. Hope all is well... lml
Greetings from Costa Rica i am the radio dos program director we still playing your : jackie blue nowdays, its a special song for everyone, thanks a whole lot buddy.
Hi Larry ... I've been a fan since the "quilt album" and your music in particular has always resonated with me. Years on, my body's been betraying me lately, but when I put your music on, the years melt away and I'm young and strong again. If only for a few minutes. Thanks for that. Mike, ain't getting older a bitch? Hang in there, and thanks for writing. lml
Hi Larry, Thank you for your musical contributions it really fits in with my country lifestyle out in Sturbridge. Also thanks for your military navy service. You are a true American!
Hi Larry, I was just listening to my Song For A Traveler project that I did in Nashville, which you mixed for me at Carl's studio.. It sounds good even to this day. Thanks again for helping me to do that, as I don't know what it would have sounded like without someone with your expertise at the helm. Nice work on all that you did in Nashville with Alabama, etc. Hope all is well with you. All the Best. Dennis Borycki
Hi Larry I cannot see a picture of the grand canyon on TV or whatever (I'm in Australia) without thinking of "Mr Powell". What a great song & what a great voice you have. When the album was released I was a young bloke & I loved that album so much (and particularly your songs). In those days I performed at a Mexican restaurant in a country town north of Melbourne every Saturday night & we would sing "Mr Powell". I'm pretty sure we were paid in Burritos.
here in UK as a teenager the only real OMD song of note we heard on radio was the mesmerising Jackie Blue MADE by your vocal - love the YOU TUBE clips of you and band singing it - all long (not grey) hair! Life moves on for us all _ enjoy the gardening (I do!) pjb, thanks posting. lml
Mr. Lee, I hope you're not getting tired of hearing how great your music is! For my part, all I can say is, whenever I'm feeling really badly, listening to your music lightens the load. "If I Only Knew" is a favorite of mine when I'm feeling down, as well as "Following The Way I Feel". Your tunes remind me of sunny days in summertime in the 1970s, and being out of school, and just plain feeling happy to be alive. Your songs instill in me a feeling of hope and tranquility that is priceless to me. Keep on playing. Tony C.
Larry, I grew up in Nixa, and had an OMD sighting of you guys at the Tastee Freeze when I was 13 (1973)...Every time I hear your voice and other OMD songs on the radio it stirs my memories of growing up in the Ozarks... Thanks for sharing your talent with us and giving me years of listening enjoyment... Thanks Randy.... lml
Missed you singing Jackie Blue when we saw The Daredevils at the Gillioz Sat night. You meant alot to the group due to your voice.
Larry, I first loved your music back in the mid-seventies along with all the Daredevils music. You are a poet with an enchanting voice. After listening to your songs hundreds of times over several decades, the music becomes more special all the time. The quality of your music is very rare and truly timeless. Robert - Thanks so much for taking the time to post here. It's always nice to hear from people like yourself who have said my music has brought some pleasure to their lives. It means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate it. lml
Thank you Larry for all the great music you made and sang and played. I moved to Kansas City in 1976 to attend college at UMKC. My freshman roommate, Scott Holden, whom I never had met before was from Springfield, MO. Well you can probably fill in the blanks what happened after that. I recently purchased the 1980 release of the album with Columbia Records. Literally got it about a week ago and now I am on a journey of re-discovering my love of OMD and especially your songs. I watched today the YouTube video of Spaceship Orion in Steelville Mo. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for bringing joy to people like me who find find music therapeutic for one's soul. God Bless you! Mike
Hey Larry, I'm sitting at my desk writing for some client projects while watching snowflakes fall from the sky. One of your songs from the OMD days came on, "You Know Like Know" came on the channel I was listening to. Wow! The song immediately took me back to my teen years and UCLA's Royce Hall, where I first heard the song. 40 years later, I just want to say "Thank You" for your artistry. The song stands the test of time and is still beautiful. What a blessing the good Lord created someone like you to sing a song like that :-) . Christopher, it's nice to know that an inspiration that came to me, like a qift out of the ether, continues reverberating over time. the fact that after so many years it still touches people like yourself today, is some sort of magic that i can't explain. thank you for your kind words and the spirit from which they come. lml
beyond reach, throw me a new cd bone!!
Hi Larry, Listening to Twigs and Buds on this beautiful November morning. Love your music! We want to wish you a Happy and wonderful Thanksgiving! Stan and Debbie Thanks the thoughts Stan & Debbie. Glad the music still gets to you. Hopefully there will be more to come.. lml
any new solomaterial coming? Phil, sorry for the long delay in relying. Short answer is no. Most of what time I've spend in the studio of late has been working on finishing the next beyond reach CD. Once we're done, I'll probably move on to do some more solo stuff. lml
Larry, Huge fan over the years...thanks for all of the great music!
Larry, Probably already know the answer to this..but , Is there any chance of you playing with OMD in November?? Mike, Sorry, but that would be no. lml
Larry, I was just curious...Have you ever done any solo shows?
Hi Larry..i read that you were considering some other "notions and tales" ..yeh great idea.I have one which featured the mighty Lynyrd Skynyrd and a little old band from Springfield in Glasgow.When the Skynyrd guys thought that the venue was getting reinforced for them coming ..little did they know that it was the Ozarks that caused the problem when they left!!! .Apollo theatre Glasgow...when i thought the Ozarks consisted of a band of nearly 15 people.Wifes,girlfriends etc.. and i swear i even saw a dog on stage that night !! Ah ! such glorious times...thanks Larry Graham
Larry, I know the bumps all too well, Janet and I were blessed with two special needs kids. Life's adventures are never ending for us, but as my wife says..."hey.., your living life to its fullest". Good luck with all your bumps and keep writing and recording, to touch the souls of others is a gift, never forget that! Roger
Larry, I assume since I have to put my email in to make a post on your guest book that you have access to my email. If not let me know and I'll post it here. The music you guys write touches me. Love what you do together! Seriously, I could go see the Dares again, which I did last November at Drury, and thoroughly enjoy the evening, but what you and Randle have written for Beyond Reach is what I really want to hear. I hope the "family bumps" smooth out in the future and we are once again blessed with your sound! Take care and let me know about any future trips out West, would love to get together! Blessing to you and the family! Roger and Janet ---- Roger & Janet, Thanks for posting and the kind wishes. I'll email you a PM and fill you in on the "bumps" as for RC, myself and BR's future. In short all I'll say is, the music will go on in one shape or another.
Hi Larry, I hope you are doing well. A great, LEVON HELM past. Wonder if your paths ever cross? Your friend, John
Hi Larry...Was glad have seen all you guys in Steelville the last time you got reunited...Got inspired to wander up to the old Reudi Valley Ranch place. Met the new owners and he showed me the place behind the house that was a water hole hangout. Old barn is still there...I left Randy a signed copy of Car over the lake I think. Anyway,dig your music as much as ever.
Larry, once again, thanks for helping us out last summer. While the rain ruined the show, the garage band was still a treat. Hope one day we can do it again with no rain. I know your son is out here in CA, so if you ever have time on a future visit, would love to meet up for a meal, ...on me! Enjoy you Spring! Roger --- Roger, I was just out your way last month to visit family. Thanks for the invite and I for sure will let you know next time I make plans to be in your neck of the woods and we'll meet up again. lml
Best Wishes Larry ...hope you survived the winter ( not really much of one here in southwest Mo. this year )..but even with that being so...the electric bills still were NOT cheap. I have been playing your stuff old and new almost constantly for the last month...that first Beyond Reach album is one of my very favorites of ALL time along with the Car over the Lake album...right up there with Beatles and Buffalo Springfield's best stuff. I know from talking to you that you are an outdoors guy/ gardener etc.. enjoy your spring...but don't enjoy your "retirement " too much... we still wanna hear more music man....!!! Any new notion and tales stories on the website would be cool too...I know we all would love to hear more of your stories. Take care of yourself sir...all of us fans send you the best wishes for a great new year. ---- Shawn, It's true we here in the mid-west didn't have much of a winter. Here it is mid-March and my apple tree is flowering and the redbuds are about to pop out and pretty soon I'll have to power up the old lawn mower. I do like working out side though. I'm afraid we may be in for a very hot and dry summer. I'm happy to hear your enjoying some of my music, both old and somewhat new. It's always nice to hear there are people out there who still listen. I'm working on some new stuff with the guys in Beyond Reach and hopefully we'll have that out sometime over the summer. And I have been thinking about writing a few more little short stories to add to the "notions & tales". Thanks for writing and hope to hear from you again. lml
Hi Larry. I have been a huge fan of OMD and of you specifically since I found a copy of Don't Look Down (one of mom's old 8-track tapes) when I was a little kid. I played that tape and sang with it over and over until it broke! I now have 2 copies of the CD!! You have greatly inspired me and your music has a deep place in my heart and life. Your song "Invisible Man" is just beautiful and I sing it whenever I can. It resonates with me deeply, as there is a girl I like that even though we know each other she doesn't seem to see me at all the way I want her and it breaks my heart. So this song is just perfect. My mom even says I sound like you when I sing Invisible Man and Following the Way That I Feel at home when she comes around to hear me sing. That to me is a great compliment!! Anyway, thank you for all your music has done for me! I am eternally grateful! Sincerely, Tom Williams --- Tom, Thanks for all the kind words. And as for the girl, I think you should just go ahead and tell her how you feel. Never knowing "what if" is always worse than any embarrassment you may end up feeling. You might be pleasantly surprised. Good luck. lml
your songs are very spiritual. moon on the rise , its how you think within without , spaceship orion . helped me alot over the years .spirit shines through you .
Larry, Just watched the Canadian Jam of 1978. Were you ever nervous, in front of such large crowds? Regards, John
Happy New Year! Being 59, I have enjoyed your music for a long time. Regards, John Thanks John and Happy New Year to you too. lml
saludos desde Chile, Maestro!!! me encanta su tema "jackie blue", un temazo!!! felicidades y gracias por su música!!! ----- Spanish English Translation "Greetings from Chile, Maestro! I love your theme 'jackie blue', a big hit! Congratulations and thank you for your music!" ----- Gracias Juan. Espero que tenga una maravillosa Navidad y feliz año nuevo. lml
Just read Supe's book "It Shined" which led me to your website. Cool photography! The way everyone's carrying on, I better buy the "Younger Years." Thanks for all you do. Phil, Good to hear from you. Thanks for noticing the photography. The "pic's" on here now are several years old and your entry reminds me that I need to upload some new stuff. A new Beyond Reach CD/EP is in progress and should be released early 2012. lml
Chris thanks ...Larry came back to me to point me in the right direction.Thankyou to you too. Kind regards Graham
Granny's Bathwater CD is available through Hideaway Records. It's great!
I agree with you Jill...Younger Years should be on the radio SOMEWHERE??? Mike and Jill - Thank you both. I can't say that I listen to much radio anymore, so I'm not sure if there is a "SOMEWHERE" left for our kind of music. It's just nice knowing someone appreciates it. lml
Hi Larry, just got in the door and felt compelled to write you. I had to make a little solo road trip today, so I put in the "Waiting on the Sun" CD and played it and played it......and played it. It is such a good CD! Especially "Younger Years", still my newest favorite song. I hope this song is getting radio time somewhere, if it's not it should be. I'm looking forward to seeing you do it live someday soon. Thank You for ALL the good music, keep it coming please!
Larry hi..i have heard so much of Grannies Bathwater...is there any band music available or does anyone know where i could here this band ? Graham
Any memories of this place Larry? http://www.thetelegraph.com/articles/swanson-57307-coliseum-ballroom.html Mike - I do remember this place. I think we played there a couple of time. That was many moons ago. Hate to see old historic places like this burn down. Thanks for the link. lml
Larry: You were a great drummer for sometime with us when I was still playing lead guitar out of Spfd. But I have really retired from any performance and play golf and practice law. John Dillon replaced me in the Lavender Hill Mob, then Randall joined in and you guys found great success with OMD. Loved the Vinyl Kings.
Larry, Loved the Younger Years Vid, great stuff. Any chance of getting Physical CD copies of Twigs and Buds on Branches from ya? Im an old-timer who still collects cd's and i try to stay away from downloads unless i have too. Keep up the Great work.
Larry, Listening to the 13 CD from OMD...Really love the song WHERE ARE WE ...would be great in a Beyond Reach show? Also...did you know that YOU KNOW LIKE I KNOW is considered a KSHE 95 Classic here in St Louis? KSHE is the number one ROCK station here..Kind of funny since I wouldnt consider YKLIK a rock song...ha Thought maybe we would have heard that one during one of the Wildwood shows you did. Again...hope some more shows are being planned for the St Louis area... Mike Broadway
Larry, Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Beyond reach show at the Focal Point. Was curious if there are any plans to come back to St Louis this summer? Also..a quick question about Younger Years...Was there any thought about putting in a harmonica part? Seems like a perfect song for it?? lol Thanks again for sharing your music!! Mike
Larry, I know your working with Beyond Reach and new songs to be released soon. I'm guessing you guys are tracking/mixing and mastering the songs at your studio..Would love to see some pics of your studio...hows about a tour? Mike, New BR CD is finished and we're releasing it on 4/18 and thanks for asking. I will try to get around to taking a few pic's of the studio to post in the not too distant future... LML
Just wanted to say, thank you for all the great music. I never get tired of it. I hope that someday, I will have the chance to see you perform. God Bless
Looking forward to the Beyond Reach Show in St Louis on April 23rd. Was curious if the set list will include any OMD songs? If so..I wanted to put in a plug for "Spaceship Orion" Has always been one of my all time favorites.
Greetings from Scotland where we have snow snow and more snow.Still a nice bottle of wine Larry`s music and it will almost feel like a summers day.
Twigs is beautiful
i found the netherland and danfogelberg cd at a thrift shop recently, it has been signed by fogelberg, joe walsh, and another i am unsure of. waiting for my camera to battry up, was putting it ong ebay, but saw your listing on google, would you be interested in buying it? Either way, if you want, email me i will send pictures, jackie, thanks.
Nice pix on the 'glimpses' page Larry, thanks for posting them . . . guessing 'Oz' is short for Ozark rather than Australia, not that there's anything wrong with 'down under', but it might make rehearsals with Beyond Reach a little tricky!
Listened to the Mulberry Tree last night,really enjoyed it.So good to hear you on the show.Larry ,Youll always be heard in our household.Did get to meet you a few years back down at Steelville.Really enjoyed meeting you.Hope you get this.
Larry, Very much enjoyed hearing all the Great Music and your co-hosting on the Mulberry Tree..hope the future holds more of hearing you, your music, and music you've produced on the radio....Thanks again
Hi my old friend.
Dianne: The Dan Fogelberg weekend was fantastic!! Was great to see Dan honored and to hear some great music. LARRY: Mike Hannah and Jim Photoglo were there...I know you have done a lot of stuff with Jim..including the Vinyl Kings?
Just found your site ...loved your posting on You Tube - "Younger Years" is absolutely great, and the melody is food for the soul. All your music is brilliant, Larry. Always been a fan! ~refresher~ even before you bought our Meadowmere place.
Larry, your vocals on Younger Years are superb--it sure makes me feel good to hear these new videos--by the way the whole group sounds tremendous---ever think about going to Winfield (Walnut Valley Festival)--we'd be jammin on this song for hours
Dianne, I'm going to Peoria for the Dan Fogelberg Tribute on the 28th! Can't Wait!!!
Big fan for the past 35 years. Have Beyond Reach CD (2005). So good to hear you and Randall again. Great to see new projects in the works. Keep pickin' and singin'.
Larry, Thanks for the postings on YouTube! We are really enjoying this new music from Beyond Reach. We hope to see another Beyond Reach concert this year. How about in the St. Louis, MO. area?
Larry...dude...I loved Younger Years! Great, great tune with great musicians! If I haven't said this before, I am really enjoying the two CD's from you... Thanks to Jill for mentioning the video. I havent been to this site for a while as I am furiously working on the Dan Fogelberg Memorial, to be dedicated in Peoria on 28 August 2010.
Younger Years is such a great song....now we need to be hearing this on country radio! Thanks!
"Younger Years" is my new favorite song, can't hear it enough! I posted the link to it at the Chickentrain and my facebook page. (Yes, I finally gave in to my kids' insistence that I join facebook a few weeks ago. This is the first fun thing I have done with it!)
New video of my song "Younger Years" is now up on YouTube New Beyond Reach Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/BeyondReachMusic#p/a NEW Younger Years video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e-Wr-ZBUf4 Spread it around
Younger Years . . . gorgeous! Super-catchy melody, singing along already here! I love the uplifting, lilting mandolin too.
After agonizing for several weeks over whether or not to engage in Facebook (see new blog entry), I think I’ve found something better to do with my time, which will also be a whole lot more fun and creative on my end. I’ve set up a YouTube channel and its first video is now up and running. http://www.youtube.com/user/leewardmusic#p/a I recommend letting the buffer (the little moving line at the bottom of the video just above the Play/Pause buttons) fully load before clicking on Play. Depending on what the Settings are set to (360p, 480p etc.), if you watch it while the buffer is still loading the video may stop/stick/pause. Very annoying… So just chill a minute. Then if you watch it a second time you won’t have to wait. Please pass it around as best you can to every corner of the www
Younger Years - AWESOME!! Would love to hear more like this..love the uptempo stuff. Reminds me a bit of Moon on the Rise... Cant wait to hear more!
Wow Larry! Younger Years! Love it!!! Can't wait to see the video.
Younger Years. Great Song Larry! Looking forward to More Beyond Reach shows in the Fall. Hope everything is well with you. Take Care, Michael W.
Beyond Reach is now only a few days away from posting a video on YouTube of a song of mine titled "Younger Years". The song is available now for anyone to listen to over on my "music" link. It's way down at the bottom under "the far-off corner" section. Click on the title to see the lyrics while listening. Hope you enjoy and be watching for a link to the video once its been uploaded to YouTube.
Love the new CDs! Hope that we can hook you and the rest of Beyond Reach into an event next summer like we did Randle on the 4th of July! Learning new things is what keeps you going! Hope to see you on Facebook soon! Remember, when you stop learning....well, that's the day you die! Take care and remain musical! rwr
It’s been over a month now since last I posted. I could use the excuse that it’s just been too hot, or that I’ve been mowing the yard a lot. But the truth is I’ve just been trying to figure out what to do next. Every time I sat down to post something here I just stared at the screen for the longest time as if by doing so, via some sort of cyber telepathy, maybe you’d hear my words and catch my drift. But no sounds can be heard, nor do any words appear before me, so I fear I must go and do this the old fashion way. Type, type, type. I’m in the process of expanding my cyber footprint via several networks, which I had up until now wanted to avoid like the plague. But several people here have suggested I have a Facebook page among other things. Even my son has told be to catch up with the times. Just the other day a very close friend pointed me towards a book titled “Crush It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s not so much a “how to” book as it is a “why to” book on social networking, and it‘s gotten me past most of my misgivings. So pretty soon I’ll be throwing up a few more links for everyone to check out and hopefully pass around to all their social networking friends. A quick little note here to let anyone who is following Beyond Reach know what is up. A video is on its way along with a couple of MP3’s. Those things should be coming along within a month. There are also going to be a couple of Fall dates to be announced. Best everyone keep watch over at the Beyond Reach website. Speaking of which, that website’s about to undergo a major update, which will now include among other things, info on both of our new brothers in arms, David Wilson and Ned Wilkinson. Thanks everyone for chiming in here and for being such good patrons. lml
Larry, the site looks great. It's also very cool to be able to go on here and hear some of those great old stories, thoughts, and news. It used to be a whole lot easier to get all of that by jumping in the truck and stopping over for some music, some good times, good food, and a visit with the "Wizard". Larry's music is pure genius folks. He sure has helped me out with mine. You won't regret ordering any CD that Larry releases! I miss ya Man! The friendship is strong. Cheers! Hugo
How are thing going and how is you dad i would like to talk to you sometime.
Larry, I attempted to send a note thru your "contact" to let you know the check for the CD's are in the mail. FYI...received "failure to deliver" notice; thought you might want to know! How else am I going to send goofy groupie adorations to you privately?
Larry--We love your website and the graphics and your new mellow and easy listening "Twigs"and "Buds on Branches" music! We love your Beyond Reach album and really enjoyed your March concert at Drury with Randle... Especially we enjoyed seeing and hearing you play and sing "Jackie Blue". We have been fans of yours for a long time... We dated back in the seventies to our favorite Ozark Mountain Daredevils music. We were married in 1977 and in September we will celebrate our 33 wedding anniversary. We still live in our hometown in SW Missouri. Nathan has been learning and playing OMD songs on his guitar for many years now, and we just keep enjoying the music! Keep on Churnin' !!!
Hello Larry, A fan from the Netherlands here: really enjoyed your songs: also you stuff with the vinyl kings and beyond reach. Twigs and Buds are very nice indeed: keep the good stuff coming ! Greetings from the Netherlands, Martin
Larry, Thanks so much for the new music cds! Debbie and I are really enjoying this! I think my favorite is Yearning. Debbie's is You Do Me. We'll be playing the cds as background music when we have our log home open houses. Thanks so much for your brilliant creativity! I just love fresh new music! Stan
larry, well farout! "symphonic sketches" is a title that describes twigs and buds on branches perfectly. i alternated the songs from both my signed and numbered cd's into one 14 song cd and listened to them while driving down the highway. i was in another demention! these works of Ozark Americana sounded like something that could have seeped right out of Reudi Valley Ranch. thank you Larry Michael Lee.
Received my CD's also. Was really nice to see them personally signed and numbered. They are a great collectors item. Have listened to only Twigs so far...about five times! ha My favorite song would have to be "The Way I See You" Also agree with Jill.."I Wish I Knew" is a great tune as well. I'm more into the vocals..but will listen to "Buds" soon.
Hi Larry, Just want to say hello. Refresher - I am Charlie's nephew. I still Miss him. I helped out the Dare's once on a gig at Six Flags in St. Louis. Anyway, I am looking to get back to MO in the future. Hope life is treating you well. Cheers!
My CDs arrived today, wow! I played "Twigs" first, there was Larry's light familiar voice singing to me, love it. "I Wish I Knew You" would have to be my favorite, it really speaks to my heart. Then I took "Buds" into the kitchen with me while I was preparing dinner for the grill. Expecting vocals, I was very pleasantly surprised at what I heard, nice mellow music to work by, it was done before I knew it: The CD and the chores! I have amassed lots of signed Ozarks stuff over the years, but nothing quite like this, signed for me and numbered too, very neat to have. Even if you have already downloaded some or all of the songs you might want to get the CDs for a really cool keepsake. Keep it coming Larry, we love you!
Really enjoying the Mp3 versions off CD baby and am extra Blown Away by "The Church Near Craggy Hope" Thanks for the music!
are they here yet? are they here yet? are they here yet?
Wanted to thank everyone whose posted here in the past month. I'm not ignoring you. I've just been trying to get this music out to you. Check "news" for update on CD's
Id like to get a copy of the new albums being a longtime OMD fan.
Larry, Thanks for taking time to stay in touch with your fans. I am looking forward to visiting this website on a regular basis and of course I can't wait to hear more of the music!
Great new site Larry. I loved your show at Drury recently with Randall, you guys were so awesome, gotta get some Beyond Reach live cuts out us. I really appreciated talking to you after the show. Sign me up for 2 of those new CDs I am waiting. My son who is 10 and starting to play guitar ran into you at Springfield Music prior to your recent concert and after you met him every since he keeps telling me " Dad, I can't believe I met a real daredevil " Heres to a new generation of kids who will appreciate good music.
larry...you are among my all-time favorite artists...to state this simply, your songs and sound are exceptional...
Larry--wish you all the best--wilbe excited to get the new music--please consider making the music or guitar tabs available--so we can spread the music at jams etc--well I guess i could figure it out--but I'm into easy
larry, i'm freakin' out and anxious about gettin' all your new music on cd! put my name in the hat to be sure i get my new cd's. i want two of each. yes, i'm old school also and like to admire the album art work and notes while i listen to the music. i've been a fan of omd and your work since day one. enjoying your new site. don't keep us waiting to long.
Wonderful. Finally another new site for all OMD fans. I'm a fan from Europe since the early OMD days, just listening again to your "Marooned" album. Can't wait for every new music from your site....
This is AWESOME! Mommo passed the site to me and I'll pass it on as well. I enjoyed your song clips!
Great Site Larry! Love what I've heard so far with the new music. Can't wait to get the CD's! I'm hoping you and Randle will be doing a show somewhere near St Louis this summer? Please let us know when we can sign up for the CD's!!
new post on blog/"tales & notions" Earth Day Everyday Giveaway
Larry, great site, was definitely worth the wait. Now that I have seen the CD artwork the titles are even more intriguing than ever! Can't wait to hear what they contain. Congratulations.
Thanks for the new music Larry...looking forward to the chance to purchase it. Hopefully you and Randle can take the show on the road a few times later this year. Maybe St. Louis?
Just signed in....have fun and keep it coming.
Glad to see the site up...looking forward to the new music.
Glad to hear this will be the new home for all the new music from you. Can't wait to order the new CD's. I like to hold the CD jacket when I am listening to new music. Call me old school! Thanks again for the great music over the years.
Hi Larry Well your new web-page is getting good hits from here in the UK. Looks to be some nice sounds drifting across the air waves. Thanks for keepin the music alive! Many Congratulations Barry & Jackie PS: Even if we only make 150:150 please make sure my names on one of thye CD's. Maybe see you & Randle in the Fall?
Great looking web-site! Here's to LOTS of "hits".
Larry, Nice website. Looking forward to purchasing your new cd's. Enjoyed reading the info you provided.
Larry, Thanks for the site and the new music. She song samples are very nice.
Larry, We are anxious to listen to your new music. Bring it on! Thanks, Tim Leitner
Thanks for sharing more of your music...impressed with the scheme and layout of your new site Larry. Interested to read your take on distributing your music. Keenly await further developments both here and with Beyond Reach. Muzza D.
Thanks for sharing all this with us Larry, I really enjoyed the 'tales and notions' and the new music sounds just great! Super job all round.
Love the web site Larry. Looking forward to the new music. Dan
Larry, Anxious to add the new material to my collection. Will be watching for availability. Ed
Ditto on Stan's comment...Thank you for the new music! Roger
Larry, Nice website! I'm looking forward to getting a copy of each of the new cds and more from Beyond Reach in the way of music and concerts. Thanks, Stan
Hi Larry, glad to see the website up and running, keenly awaiting your solo albums and a new BR CD I'll be checking in regularly
Have been looking forward to your solo site, Thanks again!