To Facebook or not to Facebook


After much soul searching and countless inquiries into its safe and efficient use, I’ve decided to “blow off” thoughts of creating a Facebook Page to help promote my music.  There are just too many unknowns still with Facebook’s Profile security and in truth, I just don’t like the idea behind the whole website in general.  It’s just not me…


I mentioned within a previous guestbook post back on 7/14 that I’d been reading this book entitled “Crush It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk which in essence talks about how and why to use social media like Facebook and Twitter etc. to promote a personal brand, i.e. my CD’s.


I guess what drew me to this final determination was one line in Gary’s book in which he writes. “What you do with Facebook (and Twitter,,,) should be an absolute reflection of how you live your daily life”. 


Well there in lies the rub when my daily life revolves around the simple pursuit of finding some calm natural surroundings which usually are accompanied by quietness.   If I have those two things, I have happiness.  In this modern world both of those experiences have become harder and harder to find though, and I fear hanging around my Facebook page seeing who’s also hanging around would only introduce a new kind of noise into my life.  


My dilemma continues to be that I want people to know about my music and where they can listen to it and hopefully even purchase it if they so choose.  But I just don’t want to open myself up to the world in such a “personal” way, at least not in a Facebook way.


Being a very solitary person who is reclusive by nature, I find the idea of “twitting” to be not only a bit vain, but more given to my chosen lifestyle, I'm afraid it would represent a complete waste of my time. 


Besides, I don’t think my little life is really all that interesting.  And I really couldn’t call it my own if everyone knew all about it, especially on a daily or even worse, an hourly basis.


I know some friends to whom their Facebook accounts have become an obsession.   I’ve tried to limit my obsessions and I don’t aim to inherit a new one in Facebook.  I’m very comfortable with just having this little website (and the new YouTube channel) as small windows into my life.  I welcome all those interested and those who choose to interact. 




Elizabeth T Twyman September 05, 2017 @03:03 pm
A wise man once told me that social media should be for "ideas and concepts not people and personalities". He lived by an assumed name B. Alvarius and used FB and blogging to share his photography, writing abilities and life in NM desert. After seeing feeds full of silly selfies and useless self promotion, I came to agree. A glimpse at his use of social media is at
joe schindler May 16, 2017 @12:51 pm
this is my other e mail address. i loved reading this as i share your thoughts. i have been pressured by many to get on facebook. I have even been told it is why im not getting any singing gigs lately. but i know im a good vocalist and facebook just seems to public to acountry boy like me. im listening to Dont go crying and just heard still you left your mark. thanks again Larry! jschindler@cardinals or the one above either one works.
J.D. Treadway August 14, 2010 @03:33 pm
I really love the new song Younger Years. It's great to see you and Randall working together. Has a really nice feel. I was talking with a lady from Springfield who knew "Randy" as a kid. I told her she lived in the town of one my favorite bands of all time and she knew right off who I was talking about. Keep up the good work and come on down to Texas for South by Southwest. You'd fit right in.
Mike Cossey August 13, 2010 @12:25 pm
From your post Larry you have made the right call. It wouldn't be a good fit. It wasn't for me either, I closed out my account awhile back for other reasons, but if I had done some research before hand I would not have signed up, it is more a young peoples "game" , besides I can keep in touch with those who I want to fine by email.....
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