pale blue dot

vinyl kings / time machine
(josh leo/larry byrom/larry lee)



josh had this started and larry byrom brought in a section and i pretty much was handed the lyric.  since this was very obviously going to land in a beach boys "pet sounds" and "holland" soundscape, i just pictured a weird van dike parks type of imagery and how much farther out there can you go than Voyager itself.



there, i can see you there floating in the darkness

there just faintly glowing out in the universe


   when i try to take a photograph again today

   set against the milky way


     you're only a pale blue dot

     a tiny spot in heaven

     what use to be home to me - has come  to be

     a pale blue dot


here, where I travel it's only me and stardust

here and I can hardly see through the ebony


   all I am is just a voyager from yesterday

   now some billion miles away




   when I look around to comprehend eternity

   looking back all I can see


     is only a pale blue dot

     a tiny spot in heaven

     that use to be home to me

     but will forever be

     a pale blue dot memory


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