Special Edition CD's Released


I’m now taking orders for the special edition versions of Twigs and Buds on Branches, which will be signed and numbered.  I’ve set up a special email account, cds@larrymichaellee.com for this purpose and here is the information I’ll need from you.


*Your Name:

*Mailing Address:  (to where CD’s are to be sent)

*CD Titles you wish to order: (and the number of copies you wish to receive)


I will reply to confirm your order and to let you know what the total cost with shipping will be.


I’m going to start out fulfilling these orders on the “honor system”.  That is, I’ll trust that your payment will be sent out to me upon the CD’s arrival.  If I start noticing a number of delinquencies, then of course I’ll be forced to reevaluate the old “honor system”.


Purchase price per CD will be $16.93 plus postage


Why that price?


At $16.93 each there is no wiggle room, no leftover profits.  From the sale of these limited editions I’ll only end up making just what I’ll need in order to fund the “replication” of both these CD’s into one double CD package, which I’ll then be able to use for promotion (freebies for press and airplay) and to sell via CDBaby.  I’ll only be able to do that with everyone’s help and support.  You who purchase copies now are in essence my sponsors/benefactors, who will be helping me make my music available to a whole new audience in the not to distant future.

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