1. night train

From the recording night train

Written 1999 and recorded in Kingston Springs, TN at Studio on Demand.  All instruments and vocals done by lml


You’ll be leavin’ on the night train
You’ll be ridin’ on a ghost
That will take you on a long slow journey
Far from what you want the most
There’s no ticket for this night train
No conductor walks the aisle
Only empty seats to place your sorrow
While the night train covers miles
Once you get aboard the night train
And you hear that whistle blow
Drowning out a voice that vaguely lingers
Sayin’ you don’t have to go
Out of the station rolls the night train
As your thoughts begin to rush
Pictures cross your mind and clear your memory
As the night train stirs up dust
Silver steel reflects the moonlight
Rails that wonder out ahead
Such a lonely sound just might reach to me
Through the window by my bed
And if I ever hear that night train
Way out on some distant track
I’ll be listening to if you’re callin’
In case that night train brings you back
No on else is on the night train
Publishing leewardmusic BMI