When Inspiration Strikes


In 1980, I like a lot of people tuned in to watch and listen to Carl Sagan's "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage".  Many years later his words and spirit moved me to write lyrics for a song based around the Voyager missions and his description of Earth appearing as only "a pale blue dot".  Ever since watching that PBS series and reading the accompanying book I've found it hard to look at my daily life as being anything but insignificant in the vastness of a nights starry sky.


I recently came upon a YouTube video that I'd like to share with all of you, along with the lyrics to that little song Mr. Sagan inspired.  I hope you enjoy both and that they encourage you to think.




there, i can see you there
floating in the darkness
there, just faintly glowing out in the universe

when i try to take a photograph again today
set against the milky way

you're only a pale blue dot
a tiny spot in heaven
what use to be home to me
has come to be
a pale blue dot

here, where I travel it’s only me and stardust
here, and I can hardly see through the ebony

all I am is just a voyager from yesterday
now some billion miles away




when I look around to comprehend eternity
looking back all I can see

is only a pale blue dot
a tiny spot in heaven
that use to be home to me
but will forever be
a pale blue dot memory



I'm eagerly awaiting the upcoming follow-up series "Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey" which is suppose to start airing in 2014. Be prepared to set your DV-R's fellow travelers.

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